the Story of Brad and Sara

the Story of Sara and Brad

Thursday, September 3

re: It goes both ways

“...this is just Sara trying to get a reaction out of me.”
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Oh God, yeah so Brad came to my place the other night. Things were good, I thought I was gaining ground with Brad, I should have just left well enough alone...

I knew Brad was coming over soon. So I asked Laura, my roommate, to join me in a little fun. Brad walks in, he sits down and I finish getting ready. While Brad was waiting, my roommate walks in and says "I'm leaving; Bye Sara, bye Jeff." Brad immediately looks over at me and as much I tried not to, I couldn't help but smile.

I could tell he did not like this and I must admit I enjoyed it a bit. His glare did not change and his arms were crossed. Thinking I got the better of him, I straighten my posture. I look at him, waiting to see what he will do. Then Brad comfortably sits back on my couch and says "It's okay Laura, I mean Sara!"

One step forward ...two steps back.


C to the O to the W said...

That Laura's a troublemaker. =O i like chicken.

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