the Story of Brad and Sara

the Story of Sara and Brad

Saturday, July 25

Beach Day, no towels

I get a call from Brad asking if I want to go to the beach.   I wasn't working so I was excited to have something to do, so I said yes.   He tells me to get my beach wear together and he will get back to me with more details.   I start putting a few things together, when I get a text saying he is on his way to pick me up.   “Be there in 5” it said.   So i am running around frantically throwing what I can into a bag.

The drive was beautiful and the conversation was great.   He was so sweet as he was describing how he tricked his boss into letting him leave early just so he could see me.

We get to the beach and gather our things.   We found the perfect spot to relax and I ask him for a towel to lay on.   He didn't bring the towels.   How are you going to invite someone to the beach and then not bring towels?   So, here we are at this beautiful beach with and no towels to lay on.

So instead of laying in the sun and relaxing we ended up walking around a bit, looking at the sea life, which was nice.   Ultimately we ended up leaving a lot earlier than we had planned.

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