the Story of Brad and Sara

the Story of Sara and Brad

Saturday, July 25

Beach Day, no towels

I get a call from Brad asking if I want to go to the beach.   I wasn't working so I was excited to have something to do, so I said yes.   He tells me to get my beach wear together and he will get back to me with more details.   I start putting a few things together, when I get a text saying he is on his way to pick me up.   “Be there in 5” it said.   So i am running around frantically throwing what I can into a bag.

The drive was beautiful and the conversation was great.   He was so sweet as he was describing how he tricked his boss into letting him leave early just so he could see me.

We get to the beach and gather our things.   We found the perfect spot to relax and I ask him for a towel to lay on.   He didn't bring the towels.   How are you going to invite someone to the beach and then not bring towels?   So, here we are at this beautiful beach with and no towels to lay on.

So instead of laying in the sun and relaxing we ended up walking around a bit, looking at the sea life, which was nice.   Ultimately we ended up leaving a lot earlier than we had planned.

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Sunday, July 12

re: Broken computers...

“ would seem she is sabotaging her computer just to talk with me.”
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I was at home working on a paper for school, when all of the sudden the sound on my computer goes out.  I tried a few tricks I knew; that didn't work.  So I called my friends to see if they could help; that got me no where.

So there I am staring at this broken computer and I know what I have to do.   I reluctantly messaged Brad. When I explained the problem to him he jumped at the opportunity to help me.After he walked me through a few basic things the problem was fixed.

Unfortunately it broke again a few days later, so I thought I should call him again.Turns out it was a virus, which I have no control over, and of course he does not mention this.  We decide to meet up so he can take the computer himself and work on it.  We spoke several times throughout the week about the computer. I thanked him and offered to buy him dinner for helping me.   “No problem, it was my pleasure” he said.

It didn't really seem to me like he was all that frustrated with the situation.   It seemed more like he enjoyed the fact that he could help me.

Tuesday, July 7


Ok, Brad did bring up the fact that we were walking slower a few times. I'll give him that. I still think if we would have taken the bus, full or not, we would have made it on time.

Oh and the video he bought was ridiculous. I couldn't even believe he thought that would make up for it.

Sunday, July 5

Fourth of July and Fireworks ...maybe not

Fourth Of July is one of my favorite holidays, mainly because of the fireworks.  It is a tradition for me to watch the fireworks at the end of the night, it kind of wraps up the holiday.

I decided to invite Brad to join my friends and I for a BBQ at the Park.  This seemed like a great time to introduce him to all of my friends.  We had spent a good portion of the day at the park eating, laughing, and just having a great time.

It was getting late and I asked if we could head toward the fireworks.  “We've got plenty of time” Brad said.  A few minutes later we all decided to leave.  I suggested we take the bus but, Brad said we could make it if we walked.  I was completely against this but, some how he got all of my friends to agree with him.  This was not a good sign.

So, as we are taking our sweet time walking toward the Embarcadero, we see herds of people walking in the opposite direction.  We completely missed the fireworks.  I was completely upset and Brad saw this.  In great Brad-fashion, instead of actually apologizing he just pats me on the head and says “Awe Tandy, you'll be okay.”

All I asked was to watch the fireworks and what did I get... a lousy pat on the head.  Argh!

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